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Enhancing The Work Surrounding Our Clients 

Reflecting On Our Advocacy, Practicing With Care

Due to the nature of our work with family courts, CLC's attorneys often lack the opportunity to examine whether the issues before the court are impacting our clients in the community need further study in order to develop strategies that support our client advocacy. To this end, our firm has developed the Reflective Advocacy Practice (RAP) to enhance the work surrounding our clients. This is an organic and continuous methodology that is engaged in the pursuit of injecting the client's voice in the outcomes that will impact his or her life.

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Assessing How We Can Help

The CLC Reflective Advocacy Practice (RAP) is a component of CLC that directly reflects on issues and trends that staff are looking at in the cases that we are assigned by the court. The pilots and projects in this area will work toward looking at the quantitative and qualitative data.  We collect this data to identify trends in order to enhance our knowledge base, create awareness for staff through training, and to identify best practices.

Ongoing Projects

RAP is composed of ongoing projects that holistically wrap around our trial and writing practices. Incubator projects stimulate staff to investigate beyond the individual case as they zealously evolve as advocates.

Our initiatives include the Broken Adoptions Project ("BAP") and Securing Seamless Education Services Project ("SSES").

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